Statement for Daum catalogue – 1996

In 1976 I went to Nancy at the invitation of Jacques Daum in order to work at the factory as an independent artist. I began by making a number of experimental models for pate de verre castings, most of them figurative. I had worked with other companies before in the capacity of artist/designer but with Daum I discovered a unique working relationship that has continued for 20 years. Daum has long been in the position of editing artists’ work including Almeric Walter, Decorchemont and Argy-Rousseau. When I arrived in France I marveled at pieces by Folon, Cezar, Dali and many other artists. These works had been faithfully developed from the artist’s original drawings and models.

Daum has represented a considerable number of artists over the years, perhaps more than 100. In the entire world there is no other example of edited pate de verre glass sculpture produced from an artist’s original design. Daum is the sole example of an industry working with artists in this manner. The quality of the pieces is absolutely first rate and the skill of the technicians in the factory is unmatched anywhere.

I have always been greatly impressed by the variety and the breadth of the pate de verre editions by Daum. There is no attempt on the part of the factory to impose a style or a concept on the artist. In fact the creative direction at Daum has always celebrated the differences among artists and the resulting diversity of objects produced is very exciting. Furthermore, my own experience with the at Nancy has been so satisfying because I feel a sincere attitude of support. They are always trying to figure out how to do exactly what the artist wants instead of telling the artist to do what Daum wants. It is this attitude that makes Daum a special place and has brought me back year after year. I only wish I had the time to do even more works with Daum because the potential is vast.

Dan Dailey