Glass Art Society Journal Biographical Statement, 2014

Illustrating With a Glass Pallette — Page 5

Conclusive Thoughts

These descriptions of certain series give you an idea of how and why I have made certain works of art. Without images the explanation remains abstract to you the reader, but perhaps it would still be abstract if you had the image in front of you. Who can predict how someone will feel when confronting an image? My work is almost all subjective and narrative, intended to convey a thought.  I have never pursued beauty, although I try to make things beautifully. Luckily enough people have been interested in my creations over all these years that I have made a living from my art. The connections with colleagues who work with glass have been extraordinarily helpful. The creative world in which I work enables me to imagine capabilities well beyond my own studio, and allows me to realize projects with various means of expertise. Cooperation of this kind has contributed to my work immensely, and the industrial palette I adopted has allowed me to articulate my thoughts in complex ways for many years. While strongly connected to glass through all the processes and relationships I have described, I have always considered my work in the larger context of the history of art and the richly diverse world of contemporary art when evaluating the success of any given piece. 

I hope this overview of my work with an emphasis on explaining my reasons and methods has been interesting for you, my colleagues, in the Glass Art Society.

Thank you again,

—Dan Dailey